Architecture businesses often overlook their eligibility for government tax incentive programs, assuming they don’t apply to their industry. Even those aware of these programs often fail to fully capture the available tax credits.

For instance, many mistakenly believe that only licensed architects and engineers involved in groundbreaking projects qualify for the R&D tax credit. However, other employees and expenses beyond traditional architects can also qualify.

If your architecture practice engages in activities like designing improved systems, environmental sustainability, performance testing, or developing enhanced construction techniques, you may be eligible for the R&D tax credit.

There are various federal tax incentives applicable to architecture businesses, offering cash-saving benefits and refund opportunities. KC&A can help you claim the credits you deserve.

It’s important to note that many federal credits have corresponding State tax incentives with similar calculation methods and claim processes, subject to state-specific rules and regulations.

If your architecture practice performs any of the following there may be an opportunity your company could benefit from an R&D Tax Credit study:

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