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Why Businesses Choose KC & Associates

Personalized Experience

The reason clients choose KC&A is simple: a personalized approach. We are fundamentally aware you have your choice of service providers, and with this awareness in mind, KC&A ensures you and your business are treated with the respect it deserves. KC&A strives to ensure clients never feel like “just a number” to a large corporation. Long-term business relationships are built on trust, respect, and regular communication.

Unmatched Value

At KC&A, we identify any and all programs you and your business may qualify for. More importantly, we are aware that every business is unique and requires an individualized approach. As such, KC&A provides flexible fee structures to accommodate your needs.

Built-In Audit Protection

KC & Associates stands behind our work. Not only is our work product reviewed by our in-house licensed attorneys; we author reports that properly detail the legal analysis of our approach for your records. Consequently, our fees are inclusive of audit defense for any claims delivered to you by KC&A.

Flexible Delivery Model

Our proven comprehensive process provides you and your company with both maximum efficiency and visibility into our uniquely tailored approach. Your trust in us is our goal.

Continuous Updates

As both tax and cybersecurity legislation continuously evolves, KC & Associates notifies you and your company of any potential benefits in addition to cybersecurity compliance requirements. Our knowledge is your knowledge.

Strategic Partnerships

We view our clients as long-term partnerships. As your business grows and evolves, we work to grow and evolve alongside you. In doing so, we hand select your team to ensure there is expertise specific to your industry.

KC&A Clients

Osbomb Crypto
Osbomb Crypto
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Crypto Start-Up R&D

Finding a firm that was familiar with cryptocurrency and related tech was surprisingly difficult to find. Once I found KCA, the R&D tax credit process could not have been easier. Highly recommend.
Vatic Arts
Vatic Arts
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Personalized Approach

During the pandemic, our company experienced hardships but the tax credits delivered by KC&A helped us keep the doors open. Their team is dedicated to working with us as our company grows.
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True Partnership

Our first year with KC&A resulted in significant tax savings that we now depend on each year. Since then, our company has only grown--and now KC&A guides our cybersecurity awareness as well.

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